Page 3 - Norgine Annual Report 2017
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Norgine has established three priorities that sit alongside
                                                    the overall vision:

                                                    Achieve sustainable
                                                    double-digit growth

                                                    Norgine strives to achieve double digit growth by maximising
                                                    the growth of its products: DANTRIUM , ENDOCUFF VISION ,
                                                    LYMPHOSEEK , MOVICOL , MOVIPREP , PLENVU  and XIFAXAN .
                                                    Maintain strong late
                                                    stage pipeline
                                                    Norgine’s priority is to acquire and develop new late stage products
                                                    (phase III onwards) that will change medical care and add value to
                                                    patients and healthcare systems.
 Norgine’s vision is to be the ‘go
 to’ European specialist pharma                     Be a dynamic place to work

 company; the organisation                          Norgine is fostering a dynamic environment which means employees
 that other companies come                          are encouraged to challenge the status quo and make brave decisions.

 to in order to develop and                         The core value principles of One Norgine, Innovation
 commercialise their products.                      and Trustworthiness underpin all of Norgine’s activities,

                                                    and are fundamental to realising the group’s vision.

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