Transparency and public declarations

Patient Organisations


Please see below a list of all patient organisations to which Norgine provided financial support and/or significant indirect/non-financial support or engaged for contracted services.  Included in this list are staff fund raising events and donations as well as descriptions of the nature of the support/contracted services which should enable the reader to understand the significance of the support that the patient organisation received, as well as the monetary value of the support.

Norgine’s interactions and support to Patient Organisations




Healthcare Professionals and Organisations


In line with the EFPIA and various country Disclosure Codes and legal requirements,  Norgine is disclosing its interactions and transfers of value with healthcare professionals including healthcare organisations.

In 2016 Norgine has reported interactions and transfers of value with healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations in 16 European countries, as well as in USA, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.


You can access all country reports by clicking on the country icon shown below:

If a flag for a particular country does not appear above (e.g. Luxembourg), please note that we have no transfer of value data to report for 2016 for that country.  Please also note that Norgine works with third parties in some European countries and it is the responsibility of the third party to report any qualifying interactions publicly.