Over a century of expertise.
One Team. One Norgine

Over the last 110 years, we have continued to adapt, respond to challenges and capitalise on partnering opportunities. By staying true to our heritage, our focus for the future is clear – innovation and partnership.


Established by Dr Victor Stein in Prague, Czechoslovakia

First product was Sodium Alginate extracted from seaweed

He discovered the best seaweed came from the Nordic regions

Norgine – Nor is for North and gine from ALGINEate

The sailboat symbol represents the collection of raw materials

First company in central Europe to manufacture insulin

Opens subsidiaries in France, Germany, Belgium and the UK

Victor Stein died in 1934 and he was succeeded by his brother Oswald and his nephew Walter

The company became dormant during World War II

At the end of World War II, Walter Stein returned from South America and revived Norgine

Manufacturing resumed in Argenteuil (France) and London (UK)

Opens factories in Dreux (France) and Hengoed (Wales)


Acquires Camden Chemical Company and its products: CAMCOLIT®, SPASMONAL®, KAMILLOSAN®, WAXSOL®

In-licenses KLEAN-PREP® from Birex Pharmaceuticals (now Helsinn Healthcare)

Launch of MOVICOL®

Launch of MOVIPREP®
Launch of ORAMORPH®
Out-licenses MOVIPREP® to Salix Pharmaceuticals in the US

FDA approves MOVIPREP®

In-licenses COLAL-PRED from Alizyme Therapeutics Ltd

Out-licenses MOVIPREP® Japanese rights to Ajinomoto

Out-licenses MOVIPREP® to Medical Futures in Canada

In-licenses XIFAXAN® from Alfa-Wasserman

Out-licenses MOVIPREP® to PharmaSwiss for Eastern Europe

In-licenses ZEGERID® from Santarus

Acquires CAMETOR® / OBLEAN® (cetilistat) from Alizyme Therapeutics Ltd

In-licenses ulimorelin (TZP-101) from Tranzyme Pharma

Norgine acquires 12.7% of ProStrakan Group plc

Divests worldwide rights of SPASMONAL®, PYRALVEX® and WAXSOL® to Meda

Opens Middle East office in Cairo

Out-licenses MOVIPREP® to Nycomed in the CIS

In-licenses exclusive rights of SETOFILM® in Europe, MENA, South Africa and Australasia from APR

Stops the development of ZEGERID® and ulimorelin

Launch of GIPROCOL®

XIFAXAN® 550 is approved in Australia and Europe for hepatic encephalopathy

Creates SpePharm AG J.V. and acquires additional supportive care products

Launch of Norgine Ventures

European launch of XIFAXAN® 550

European launch of SETOFILM®

Launch of MOVIPREP® in Japan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and India

Approval of OBLEAN® in Japan

Divests SAVENE® to Clinigen Group plc

In-licenses European and Australian & New Zealand rights for MUGARD® from Access Pharmaceuticals Inc

Out- licenses MOVICOL® Chinese rights to China Medical Systems Holdings Limited

In-licenses European rights for LYMPHOSEEK® from Navidea

Acquires 70% of Arc Medical Design Ltd. and ENDOCUFF® products

Launch of ENDOCUFF VISION® in Europe

In-licenses rights of ZIVEREL® in Spain and Australasia from Apharm s.r.l

Sells UK rights of NORGALAX® and CAMCOLIT®

Divests South African operations and product rights to Aspen

Out-licenses rights to PLENVU in US and Canada to Valeant Pharmaceuticals

Divests MENA operations and product rights to Acino

Enters into a distribution agreement with Olympus Corporation of the Americas for ENDOCUFF VISION®

Sells Benelux rights of CAMCOLIT® and NORGALAX®

Expands its European in-licensing partnership with
A Pharm s.r.l. for ZIVEREL®

TAKEDA launches MOVIPREP® in Russia

Launch of MUGARD®


EU approval and launch of PLENVU®

Norgine B.V. completes acquisition of Merus Labs International Inc.


Norgine in-licenses GELSECTAN® from Noventure S.L

FDA approves PLENVU®

Opens new corporate headquarters in Amsterdam

Norgine B.V. enters into an exclusive license agreement with Shield Therapeutics for the commercialisation of FERACCRU® in certain markets in Europe, Australia and New Zealand

Norgine is a leading European specialist pharmaceutical company that has been established for over a century and has a presence in all major European markets and Australia.

At Norgine, everyone is valued and empowered to contribute to our vision